Everything started in 2009 when Mónica Linares coordinated her first painting workshop, and this is how it happened:

With no expectations, she asked one of her favorite artists to come and teach a workshop in Apex, NC. To her surprise the artist said, “Yes! Just find a place, put the group together and I’ll come!” And that’s how Carol Marine came to Apex and taught two back to back 3-day workshops! This couldn’t have happened without artist Catherine Martin kindly offering her incredible studio to hold the adventure. At the end of the workshop, Mónica asked Carol: “What do you think I should do to improve my painting?”… and she answered, “You just need to add painting miles!”

Well, she took her advice!

A year later Mónica joined the late Waverly Artists Group Studio and Gallery, an incredible place and group of people that allowed and encouraged her to continue bringing talented and inspiring artists from all over the United States and abroad to teach high-quality workshops. Mónica was hugely committed to keep adding painting miles not just to her life but to the whole community.

Later, a need was felt for painting fundamentals where people interested in painting, or artists that have already painted in previous years but needed a refresher, could get all the basics, and feel ready to join an all-levels workshop. And the Essence of Painting was born

And finally, when we realized that no matter how many classes and workshops artists registered for, they were always looking for community, guidance and accountability to make painting a priority in their life, we created the class The Happy Habit of Daily (or most days) Painting, and Artribe

Today this adventure continues at a new location!

If you need to add Painting Miles to your life, you are in the right place. Join us for any or all of the opportunities we offer so you can add mileage to your time creating.

Mónica Linares 

Founder and CEO

I paint because I LOVE it. I enjoy creating, I love colors, combinations, a challenge, experimenting, and making a space happier. I enjoy bringing JOY! So, that is what you’ll see in my paintings. I also discovered that bringing artists together to learn from other artists fulfilled a section in my heart, brain, and soul that nothing else could; I discovered that I could truly learn, relax and connect with myself by having a couple of hours, or days, fully immersed in art.

Born and raised in Venezuela, Mónica was always surrounded by paint and brushes thanks to an artist father. With a background in advertising, she was constantly in contact with design, color and style; but it was not until 1999, when she formally started her formation as a painter at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Her painting education never stops as she continues learning and being inspired by wonderful artists as Catherine Martin, Carol Marine, Maggie Siner, Patti Mollica, Lisa Daria and Colley Whisson among many others. Mónica has a graphic style and many have called her a colorist.

You can check her work here.