Our Classes will offer you hours of instruction on a specific art topic, medium, style or technique.


  • THE HAPPY HABIT  Class info below

  • 6X6 Art Community  Class info below

  • FAST START  Class info below

  • NEW! Anatomy to Remember | Drawing the Human Figure with Dan Nelson.  Class info here

The Happy Habit of Painting                                                       by Mónica Linares

4-Week Class Description

Why this class? If you are here, you probably know!
I created this class because I struggled with finding time to paint! To make it a priority. And I well knew that the more you paint the better you get. It is very easy to say! I knew the theory, but how put it into practice when you have so much to do every day?

I surrounded myself with successful artists that paint daily, followed their blogs, brought them to town, coordinated their workshops, took their workshops, many times!, and joined painting challenges on Facebook, where you paint one painting a day for 5 days and post them. All great tools! Wonderful tools! But, after the workshops, the challenges, everything went back to where It was: finding it hard to make time to paint. (And I wasn’t the only one! After 9 years coordinating painting workshops I heard the same struggle from many workshop students.)

In 2018 I finally did it! I painted most days. How did I do it? I did some serious research on habit formation and also a fantastic opportunity showed up. I’ll share all I learned with you during the time we spend together. I’ll guide you on how to create your happy habit of painting, yes yours! We are all different and have different needs, routines and activities, but we all can create a habit if we really want to, have the right tools, the right motivation and feel accountable. This class will give you all that! You just bring the “really wanting to” part 😉

This class will offer you:
The right Motivation and practical ideas
Fun painting exercises that will help you create the habit of painting.
Weekly painting time together  (you will start and finish a painting when we meet)
A mini tribe of like minded people with the common goal of creating the happy habit of painting. This tribe will grow!
…And of course, coffee or tea! (part of the motivation 😉

DATE: four consecutive Tuesdays. 2020 DATES COMING SOON
TIME: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
FEE: $150
LOCATION: Monica Linares’ studio in Apex, NC (address sent after registration)
SUPPLIES LIST:  Included on the Registration Page
MEDIUM: Acrylics
LEVEL: Basic knowledge of painting required | STUDENTS: Max. 3, Min. 2


6×6 Art Community!

DATES: February 25, March 24, 2020 – POSTPONED due to COVID-19 outbreak


TIME: 10:00 – 12:15
FEE: $25
LOCATION: 1401 S. Bloodworth St. Raleigh, NC 27610
WHAT TO BRING:  info on registration page
STUDENTS: max. 10, minimum 6                                                       


We created 6×6 after a wonderful group of artists working on becoming daily painters (from our Happy Habit class) requested a way to stay in touch, motivated, in painting shape, and inside a daily painters (or most day painters) tribe! We artists know how lonely the life of an artist can be. In our studios (and our heads!) all the time! Thinking, solving, seeing, creating, and knowing how much we need connection with other thinkers and creators to feel supported (and understood!). We need to build a community of like minded people!

Come to 6×6 to connect with your peers and stay for up to 2 hours of painting! Artist Mónica Linares will guide you to finish at least 2 paintings during each 6×6 session. Feel free to work on any other painting project if you prefer. We suggest painting on 6×6″ panels as most daily painters do! It is a format that allows daily painters to start and finish a painting in one day.

This will also be a place to share information about opportunities for painters, exhibitions, lectures and anything that can keep us motivated to paint daily.

All levels are welcomed! Basic knowledge of painting is recommended.
Bring your own supplies.  SUGGESTED SUPPLIES LIST on registration page.
Acrylics and oils are welcome (no solvents or mediums allowed, use walnut oil if needed 😉 Exercise will be explained in acrylics.


Fast Start by Beth Carrington Brown

DATE: MARCH 19, 2020 – CANCELLED due to COVID-19 outbreak
FEE: $85
LOCATION: 1401 S. Bloodworth street, Raleigh, NC.
SUPPLIES LIST:  Sent after registration
MEDIUM: Acrylics
LEVEL: All levels | STUDENTS: Max. 12, Min. 6


Our unique “crash” course on painting fundamentals, Fast Start, will give you concentrated information about all the basics of painting in just a few hours.

Class Description

  • Are you new to painting, or coming back after an extended break
  • Want a “fast start” to get your painting going in the right direction?
  • Interested in taking a workshop but not sure if you are “ready”?

In this concentrated “crash” course of fundamentals, we will discuss what we think are the most important elements of painting: composition, color, and value. We will also talk about all the different tools artists use, that way you’ll be able to decide what you need or what you are missing in your artist toolbox. And…you will even get to paint, so you can put into practice right away what you learned during this well-rounded class.

We know that having a firm foundation will help you get on the path to successful painting!

Advance registration is required. Limited Seating Available.