An Inspirational Painting Workshop with Irish Artist Róisín O’Farrell


A three-day intensive painting and creativity workshop to show you how to create good compositions, the technique to paint them and the confidence to enjoy every minute.

WAIT LIST: When “out of stock”, please e-mail to be added to the waitlist. Write Róisín’s waitlist on the subject. Thanks!

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  • DATE: October 5th – 7th, 2018
  • TIME: 10:00am to 5:30pm
  • FEE: $550
  • LOCATION: 1401 S. Bloodworth St. Raleigh, NC 27610
  • SUPPLIES LIST: Sent when the minimum amount of students is reached.
  • Max. amount of students: 15

Irish artist Róisín O’Farrell has created a concentrated and clearly structured course held over three days that focuses on painting technique, finding inspiration and overcoming the barriers to creativity.

Together we will explore:
How to use a limited palette, understanding color theory, really getting to grips with tonal value, the six-stage technique involved in painting a painting from start to finish, fundamentals of good composition, sketching, underpainting, applying paint – brush & palette knife, finishing up & evaluation.
The workshop includes painting demonstrations and practical hands-on exercises to let you get some paint under your nails.

Let me help you learn how to nurture the root of your passion, your creativity and overcome barriers both practical and internal to progressing. We will also take time figure out how you can bring balance to your creative life, find new inspiration and sustain it over time.

Róisín The Teacher
Róisín is not just an artist. She has many years of experience in giving workshops and teaching. From the serious business of passing on the tradition of creativity to the simple joy of painting, Róisín is committed and passionate about teaching, sharing and living creativity.

Although many experienced artists attend, you do not have to be an experienced or confident artist to attend or enjoy the weekend.  It will be a down to earth, inclusive experience, designed to bring people together for the joy of painting, some serious learning, and good company. Róisín weekend workshops, now in their seventh year, regularly sells out on the first day.

Róisín was born to a family of talented artists. Her exposure to art from an early age offered her a visual apprenticeship to both classical and contemporary art. She paints bright, vibrantly colorful paintings in textured, buttery oils with a contemporary finish. Her work is influenced by a sense of home, and feature warm, light-filled period interiors, tumbled families of rain boots, vintage cutlery, and quirky china teacups.

First discovered in early 2009, Róisín work is in high demand in established galleries across Ireland, the UK and Europe.


If a month before the workshop we haven’t reached the minimum amount of students for the workshop to happen the workshop will be canceled and you’ll receive a full refund. Wait until you hear from us to buy supplies and plane tickets if you are flying in (or buy a refundable one if you want to get your plane ticket earlier).

If you cancel less than 30 DAYS prior to the start of a workshop, you will not receive a refund. If you must cancel in this time frame we encourage you to find a replacement, and your replacement can reimburse you for your course fee. If you cancel before the 30-day limit you will receive a full refund minus the 3% Paypal fee. Unfortunately, students who start a multiple-day class and are unable to attend any portion will not receive a refund.


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