Intuitive Approaches to Watercolor with Fabio Cembranelli – 2020


Fábio Cembranelli will guide artists in developing loose and intuitive watercolor techniques enhancing their own personal approach.

CANCELLED – due to COVID-19 International travel restrictions

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DATE: July 23 – 25, 2020 – 3-day workshop – CANCELLED due to COVID-19 international travel restrictions.
TIME: 10:00am to 5:00pm
FEE: $585 (fee includes daily catered lunch by Sucre&Sel)
LOCATION: 1401 S. Bloodworth St. Raleigh, NC 27610
SUPPLIES LIST:  Keep reading, you’ll find it below Cancellation Policy
MEDIUM: Watercolors
LEVEL: All levels | STUDENTS: max. 18, minimum 13


Fábio Cembranelli will guide artists in developing loose and intuitive watercolor techniques enhancing their own personal approach.

What you will learn during this workshop:

• Wet on wet techniques using transparent pigments only
• Watercolor painting on damp paper
• How to take advantage of unexpected things that may happen during the
painting process
• The importance of the white of the paper in watercolor: how to save or
restore it
• Fundamentals of composition: how to create a powerful focal point
• How to capture the beauty and freshness of flowers
• How to depict the beauty of nature in your artwork
• Light and shadow effects on balconies, gates, windows
• Landscapes: water reflections, skies, flower fields
• Still life: loose effects for fruits
• Color mixing: background colors for florals, green mixing for landscapes
• How to avoid a muddy mixing
• How to be successful taking risks during the painting process.

Fábio will paint two or three demos per day followed by individual attention to each participant.

He will also conduct critiques every day.


Fábio Cembranelli, a renowned Brazilian artist, started painting at university, where he studied architecture. His paintings have been featured in exhibitions and collections worldwide and his unique and luminous floral watercolors are known internationally.

Explaining why he has chosen transparent watercolor as his favorite medium, he says, “What compels me to paint with this approach is the possibility of painting quickly. It suits my personality best — the fluidity of the medium provides a unique sensation of unexpected color mixing, particularly when I define only the main masses and allow the unpredictable to happen on the rest of the paper. Timing is quite important in my method. I lean intuitively toward realism, but the right speed forces me to create diffused effects and shapes. I love painting flowers and landscapes in watercolor and I’m always enchanted by the attempt to capture the contrast between loose and definitive edges, as well as light and shadow effects.”

When he paints he aims to take the essential of each subject through his own interpretation. It`s like a personal subject depiction that will result in an unique work. Fábio teaches painting techniques in his studio, in art galleries and and art societies as well as workshops throughout Brazil and abroad. He also is a regular contributor to several art magazines in South America, US, UK, Norway, France, Japan and Australia, for example. In the upcoming years he will be tutoring several workshops in Europe, Asia and North America also works as illustrator for some publishing in South America.

You can visit for more information about his work, youtube videos and other web channels.


If a month before the workshop we haven’t reached the minimum amount of students for the workshop to happen the workshop will be canceled and students will receive a full refund.

If you cancel less than 60 DAYS prior to the start of a workshop you will receive half of your registration fee, If you cancel less than 30 DAYS prior the start of the workshop you will not receive a refund. If you must cancel in this time frame we encourage you to find a replacement, and your replacement can reimburse you for your course fee. If you cancel before the 60-day limit you will receive a full refund minus 3% processing fee.  Unfortunately, students who start a multiple-day class and are unable to attend any portion will not receive a refund.


Workshop will be canceled or rescheduled if inclement weather (hurricanes, snow storm, tropical storm, black ice, flooding, etc.) is on the forecast. No one should take any unnecessary risks. If the workshop is canceled, all registration money will be returned to the students minus 3% processing fee.  The workshop will be rescheduled if possible for both parties.


Paints ( preferably in tubes)

  • New Gamboge (DS)
  • Indian Yellow (WN, DS)
  • Quinacridone Gold (WN)
  • Translucent Orange ( Sch)
  • Burnt Sienna (WN)
  • or Burnt Umber (WN)
  • Quinacridone Burnt Orange (DS)
  • Quinacridone Red (WN)
  • Transparent Alizarin Crimson (WN)
  • Quinacridone Magenta (WN)
  • Cobalt Blue (WN)
  • Manganese Blue Hue (DS)
  • French Ultramarine (WN)
  • Green Gold (DS)
  • Undersea Green (DS)
  • Permanent Sap Green (WN)
  • Ultramarine Violet (Sch)
  • Shadow Violet (DS)
    *DS – Daniel Smith
    *WN – Winsor &Newton
    *Sch – Schmincke

Brushes (Synthetic Brushes only):
Flat Brushes: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” (Brands: WN, Escoda, Raphael, DaVinci, Princeton, etc)
Round Brushes: 10, 16 and rigger number 6 (Brands: WN, Escoda, Raphael,
DaVinci, Princeton, etc)
Fan Brush: Number 4 (Series 3675, Kevrin – made by Raphael)

Paper (in blocks or sheets)
Cold Pressed, 140lb (or 300 GR).
Brands: Moulin du Roy, Arches, Fabriano, etc.

Paper towel, tape, some board to tape the paper, graphite, etc

OBS: it’s just a suggestion, participants don’t need to bring/purchase everything, they can bring their own materials, etc.


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